I am not very good at English. This page is written by me with using the translation software.Please excuse me if you find any mistakes or places that are difficult to understand.

Welcome to the page of amphibians. This English site is the truncated version of my Japanese site.If the Japanese font is installed in your computer, and if you read Japanese,please visit my Japanese site http://www.hkr.ne.jp/~rieokun/ instead. I am sure it is more useful as it is written in detail. Also, the contents of this page are introducing amphibians of Japan and amphibians of foreign country possibility.Especially, the frog of Japan is introducing all the species. I expect that you find favorite amphibians and others.

And I teach about the title of this page. Bikky says about Frogs and Toads in the northeastern provinces of Japan. Frog and Toad say Kaeru in Japanese.Also, I pronounce with xxx-Gaeru, when the species are shown. Even Yama-Dojou says the case of Sansyou-Uo (Salamander) in the northeastern provinces of Japan.It is derived from it that a mode of life and figure are seen so, although this is the meaning called the loach that is in the mountain. Also, as for Sansyou-Uo, Salamander differs in a real meaning.Sansyou-Uo is because it does all the external fertilization unlike Salamander.Most of Sansyou-Uo are inhabiting in Japan. Please have fun then.

I thank for Mr.Matsuzono of the Wildsky of the vivarium shop who represents Japan where cooperated in translating this page, although it became last.

Up Date 2002.5.4


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